Chocolate muffin parfait

Super easy recipe for a quick dessert.

Everything you need is:

10 chocolate muffins

250ml whipping cream

1 tbpl honey

Fruit of choice

Cut the muffins into small pieces and place a piece of them into the serving jar or bowl. Cover it with a part of the cream/honey mixture. Add the fruit you have choosen. Repeat this step!

And done! It’s ready to be served.

Vrlo lagan i brz recept za Perfait sa cokoladnim muffinima i vocem.

Sve sto vam je potrebno jeste:

10 cokoladnih muffina

250ml vrhnja za kremu

Kasika meda

Voce po zelji


Muffine, ja koristio Quickie muffine ( made in B&H btw), sjeckate na komadice. Potom jedan dio postavljate na dno teglice ili posude za serviranje. Potom umucenu kremu s medom stavite preko muffina i preko dodate voce po zelji. Potom ponovite ovaj korak.

I to je to! Spremno za serviranje.

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