Homemade Raffaello

( Bosanski ispod )

Here is everything you need for homemade raffaello

1. 200 g coconut rasp
2. 250ml cooking cream
3. 100g white chocolate
4. 2 tablespoons of sugar
5. 100g almonds
6. 1 vanilla pudding

200ml of cooking cream add to a bowl and get it boil, in the meantime add the rest of 50ml cream into a cup and mix it with the vanilla pudding and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Once the cream started to boil add the pudding and reduce the heat, continue till you get a thick pudding. Add 100g of coconut rasps and 100g white chocolate. mix everything and let it cool down.
Once it’s cooled down, use a tablespoon full of the mixture, in the middle add an almond and roll it into shape. Once you get the desired shape, roll it in coconut rasps. Let it in the fridge for 2 hours. Enjoy!

Sve sto je potrebno za domace raffaello kuglice:

1. 200g kokosovog brasna
2. 250ml vrhnja za kuhanje
3. 100 g bijele cokolade
4. 2 kasike secera
5. 100g badema
6. 1 puding sa aromom vanilije.

200ml vrhnja za kuhanje prokuhajte i dodajte unaprije pripremljenu smjesu ( prah pudinga izmjesati sa 50ml vrhnja i secer) i uz smanjenu toplotu pripremite gust puding. Nakon toga dodajte 100g kokosovog brasna i komadice bijele cokolade, sve dobro izmjesajte i ostavite da se ohladi.
nakon sto se ohladilo uzmite masu i rukama oblikujte kuglice u cijoj sredini su bademi. nakon formirana zeljenog oblika uvaljajte kuglice u ostatak kokosovog brasna i spremite za frizider, nek se hlade 2 sata. Prijatno!

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