Chocolate lava cakes

For perfect Chocolate lava cakes use:

100g all purpose flour

100g butter

2 eggs

200g dark chocolate

50g sugar

Mix all together and add the mixture to cupcake forms or any other forms you have ( If you want to have some more texture you could add half  of  a baking powder package.

200* C 15minutes!

Za cokoladne Lava kolace koristi : 100g brasna,

100g maslaca,

2 jaja,

200g cokolade,

50g secera.

Ako zelis  da bude cvrsti slicno muffinu dodaj i pola prasak za pecivo, ako hoces da bude cokolada tecna unutra nemoj stavljati prasak za pecivo. 15 minuta na 200 stepeni bi trebalo biti dovoljno 🙂

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