American Apple Pie

One of my favorites – American Apple Pie. It’s perfect for every time of the year , a classic! . Here is my recipe for American apple pie :

Ingredients :

250g all purpose flour

1 egg

150g of margarine

50g sugar

1 small tablespoon of baking powder

1.5kg Gran Smith Apple’s


Melt the margarine and add it to the dry ingredients (which were mixed together in a big bowl). Add the egg too. Mix all together till you get a homogene dough. Make sure everything is well mixed together so you have no lumps of flour in your dough. Once you’ve done with the mixing put the dough in a cold place in your kitchen or even refrigerator for a half an hour.

When the dough rests for 30 minutes, make sure you apply some flour on your work place so your dough does not stick to the desk. Next step is to use your rolling pin and roll out the dough in a size of your casserole ( it should be about 2cm thick) . Make sure you leave a small piece of dough for decoration. You can make strips as me or any other form as you wish. Once you rolled out your dough you should place your all cleaned apple slices. The apple slices can have any form you want them to have, if you wish you can add some sugar to them or cinnamon ( I usually do). Decorate it with your smaller part of the dough .

The over should be preheated od 180* Celzius. Bake it for about 40 mins, or as long as it needs to have a golden crust.


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